Happiness here and hereafter is the only goal of Muslims on earth that all people without any exception are seeking to attain.  Muslims and Non-Muslims all seek happiness, but every one is using different methods to get happiness. Muslims are performing their religious obligations like, offering Namaz, paying Zakat, performing Hajj and Umrah by any authorized travel agent which is providing Cheapest Umrah Packages in UK.

However, eventually only Muslims can achieve genuine and eternal happiness. The following are some point to attain the happiness:

  1. If you do not live with the proper dimension and scope of today, your thoughts then will be scattered, your all the matters will become unpleasant and confused, and your anxiety and tension will increase.
  2. Forget whatever happened in the past and all that it contained just try to focus on the present.
  3. Do not preoccupy completely yourself for the future and then avoid the present. A person needs to be balanced in life, prepare adequately yourself for all the coming circumstances.
  4. Do not allow yourself be shaken by criticism; instead of this, be firm.  Be sure that in proportion and level to your worth, the level of criticism by people’s rises. Take others criticism in discovering your faults and shortcomings and use it to enhance your personalities, and let it takes you toward self-improvement.
  5. Have complete faith in ALLAH Almighty and perform good acts and deeds; these are the steps that makeup a happy and good life.
  6. If you wish for peace, comfort and tranquillity, you can find it all in the remembrance of ALLAH Almighty.
  7. Being a Muslim we should know with certainty that each and everything that happens, occurs according to ALLAH Almighty.
  8. Do not expect return of your good behavior and act from anyone.
  9. Try to Train yourself to face the worst possibilities.
  10. Perhaps it’s a belief of every Muslim that whatever happened is in your best interest.
  11. Enumerate the blessings of ALLAH Almighty and be thankful for all the blessings.
  12. Relief comes from one hour to the next to hard times.  Indeed, with each difficulty period there is great relief.
  13. In the periods of ease and hardship, Muslims should turn to prayer and supplication.
  14. Calamities and disasters strengthen Muslim’s heart and reshape your personality in a positive way.
  15. Do not let triviality factors and situation cause of your any kind of destruction.
  16. Avoid anger and try to adopt an easy-going attitude.
  17. Keep this in mind the fact that ALLAH Almighty loves those people who face trials with steadfastness, so seek to be among one of them.
  18. Work hard and try to be productive, and cast off idleness.

19.  Do not spread rumours and do not be part of them and do not listen to them.  If you hear a rumour inadvertently, do not trust on that. is one of the authorized and well known Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offering the services for Hajj, Umrah, Flights, Tickets, Hotels and Visa in cheapest and affordable rates from London UK as well as visits of  Important Hajj Places.




Worshipping ALLAH is mandatory upon all the Muslims; it is to be done with all the traditional rituals like salah, zakat and fasting etc. Hence, devoting completely to ALLAH in Islam doesn’t require a Muslim to enter in a place of worship like masjid; a Muslim can engage himself in worship throughout the day either by staying at home or through work place or anywhere else.

Every single aspect of a human life in Islam fits under the umbrella of worship so the person’s intention is to please ALLAH and his actions are consistent with the Holy Quran and prophetic life. There are certain ways to worship ALLAH.

The Holy Quran:

The Quran is the final revelation of ALLAH to humanity. Quran gives guidance to every aspect of life. The memorization, study and recitation of Quran is a worship. The Surah’s of Quran are also recited during every namaz. Quran is widely read in its original language i.e. Arabic, for understanding Quran various translations in many languages are also available.

 Namaz or Daily prayer:

It is obligatory for all Muslims to offer five namaz throughout the day. Namaz enables Muslims to get mentally and physically relaxation from their worldly activities by connecting with ALLAH five times a day. The prayers or salah consist of praising ALLAH while bowing, standing, and prostrating. On Fridays, all Muslims attend a special congregational Jumma namaz with complete brief sermon.

 Fasting in month of Ramadan:

All Muslims fasts in the month of Ramadan, it is the ninth month in Islamic lunar calendar. Roza or fast refrain a person from eating, drinking any thing from Fajar (dawn) to Maghrib (sunset). Fasting cleans a person spiritual and strengthens willpower of person. While fasting, Muslims involves in charitable acts like payng Zakat and Roza also controls from bad habits such as using bad language, unnecessary gossips and anger etc.


It is necessary for all Muslims to pay zakat (if he is able to pay) for helping the poor and needy. This act of kind acknowledges that all wealth comes from ALLAH and belongs to ALLAH; zakat purifies the soul of Muslim from material greed. Islam encourages the acts of charity either monetary or physical. In Hadees Prophet (pbuh) said that every act of goodness is charity and Smiling is also charity.


The Holy journey to Mecca for performing Hajj is obligatory for all Muslims (if they are able and afford to perform) must be performed once in their life. Hajj is an act of worshipping ALLAH and it symbolizes the unity of humankind. For Hajj Muslims from different race, colour, cast, social status and nationality gathered together to worship ALLAH.

 Dua or Supplication:

Muslims make dua to ALLAH, because ALLAH is the only one who can listen and fulfil our supplications. Muslim addresses ALLAH directly for their desires and needs anywhere and anytime. For worship in Islam direct relationship is an essential element. Whether a Muslim is asking for guidance, or beseeching ALLAH for forgiveness, Muslims can supplicate to ALLAH anytime.

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