For Muslims each and every day is a blessed day where they enjoy the gifts bestowed on them by ALLAH Almighty and Muslims praise and thank ALLAH Almighty for all that He has given. Every day of Muslim’s life has great importance but days of Holy month of Ramadan gains very special importance in Islam.

Holy Ramadan is the ninth Holy month of Islamic calendar. It is the month of numerous blessings in which Muslims fast or observes roza for the whole month of Ramadan starting from fajr till maghrib. It is one of the most reverenced Islamic months among Muslims and every Muslims is very excited about this month, Muslim’s observe fast with religious full dedication.

The month of Holy Ramadan is considered to be very special and important for all the Muslims all around the world. In Holy Ramadan, Muslim learns self-control and self-restraint. They try to keep themselves away from all unlawful acts and deeds which they usually do during the rest of the year. During the fast Muslim are not allowed to eat and drink anything in the prescribed timings during this whole month.  In the same way, Muslims from all around the world avoid their inner bad desires, wishes, wants and try to become pious and good Muslims. They devote themselves dedicatedly to the will of ALLAH Almighty and make all the possible efforts to spend more and more time in worships to please ALLAH Almighty. Muslims also develop a sense of responsibility, sincerity, love and also feelings and pain for the poor and needy people of our society. Zakat is also an important pillar of religion Islam. It is obligatory for every Muslims to pay zakat in the Holy month of Ramadan. Zakat is paid in Holy Ramadan by all financially able Muslim who can afford to pay this, its not only purifies wealth of a person but by paying zakat, Muslims help other Muslim brothers and sisters.

Muslims are also blessed in Holy Ramadan with the most auspicious night, ‘Laila-tul-Qadr’, which is concealed by the ALLAH Almighty in the last ten days of Holy Ramadan. During the whole month, at Sehri and Iftar times, Muslims sit together with their families. This helps in making strong bond and relation among the members of the family. Holy Ramadan brings many scientific benefits for the Muslims as well. During this blessed month, immunity is developed in the body and toxins are efficiently released. Thus, the importance and blessings of the Holy Ramadan is everlasting and numerous and Muslims will be kept on blessed by this. The whole month is full of uncountable blessings of ALLAH Almighty and a Muslim can earn all the rewards for being pious and virtuous in Holy Ramadan. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Hajj Packages 2017 Manchester  from UK.


Holy Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of blessings and it is obligatory on all Muslims to fast throughout the whole month of Ramadan. The blessings and benefits of the Fasting of Holy Ramadan are too many and uncountable. If a person recognizes them and realizes the importance of Ramadan, he wishes to have the month of Holy Ramadan throughout the whole year. These blessings are given by ALLAH Almighty to the Muslim who fast whole month of Ramadan, who are to fast with expectation and full faith.

The Holy Ramadan is a blessed month for so many reasons, so we must take advantage of all blessings of this month. It is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed, sins are forgiven, in which the shaitan are chained, and good acts and deeds are highly rewarded. During the month of Holy Ramadan, Shaitan finds it difficult to mislead the Muslims because it caught in chain. So it becomes easier for all Muslims to involve themselves in good deeds and to ignore bad acts, evil suggestions and negative thoughts. Let us discuss what we learn from Ramadan.

* Taqwa

  1. Fearing ALLAH Almighty
  2. Practicing the Revelations of ALLAH Almighty, reciting Holy Quran.
  3. Preparing oneself departure from this world to the life hereafter
  4. Self-control
  5. Self-discipline
  6. Self-restraint
  7. Self-evaluation
  8. Self-education

By accepting these few things and by practicing them in their daily life, the Muslim will achieve the Taqwa in his public and private life.

* This is the month of Revelation of Holy Quran: In this month The Holy Quran was revealed. The Holy Quran is:

  1. A Guidance to all humanity
  2. A clear Manifestation of right from wrong
  3. A culmination and Summation of all previous revelations
  4. A Glad-tiding to the Muslims
  5. A Healer

* Protection from many things:

  1. Avoiding Immorality
  2. Avoiding anger, envy, jealously and uproar
  3. Avoiding stupidity
  4. Avoiding all makrooh and haraam.

By achieving good manners, a Muslim through fasting becomes a better human being too.

* Fasting of Ramadan and Health: By fasting, a person gets the following benefits

  1. Purification of whole body from toxins
  2. Purity of brain
  3. Reducing the weight
  4. Living of life with happiness
  5. Rejuvenation of body

* Umrah in Holy Ramadan: Visiting Holy Makkah for performing Umrah during the fasting month of Holy Ramadan is:

  1. Equal to performing Hajj (in blessings)
  2. Equal to performing Hajj with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

* Changing in Lifestyle: By living restricted life by avoiding all negativities can help us in living different life style; a person gets rid of the luxuries of worldly life and hence enjoys his life span according to Islam. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Ramadan Umrah Packages from UK.



Quran pak

The Holy Quran was not revealed all at once, different verses (ayats) of Holy Quran were being revealed at different time periods and therefore it was not possible in the beginning to write it properly and preserve verses in a form of book So during the initial days of religion Islam, major and basic emphasis was laid on memorizing the revealed verses as a means of preserving the Holy Quran.
When revelation used to come in the start, the Prophet (PBUH) would tend to repeat it instantly so that the verse memorized well enough. The blessed chest of the Prophet (PBUH) was the most secured and protected place to preserve the Holy Quran, in this way there was not any chance of even a single mistake, editing or alteration.

It is the beauty of Holy Quran that some ayats were revealed in link with some particular occasion. Revelations of Holy Quran were also made in a particular way or sequence i.e. verses for some basic and essential topics like faith and basics of religion Islam were revealed earlier as compared to ayats for other issues. Arabs of that time were deeply involved in paganism for many decades. Uprooting such strong and deep cultural roots was not an easy task to do in a day. Initial need was to cut and weaken their faith on worshipping idol and build up strong and true faith on monotheism by proclaiming shahadat and accepting one ALLAH Almighty. Once their minds were done then fill the space for some noble deeds. Then revealed the ayahs regarding acts of individual like having halaal food and avoid haraam, illegal relationships, consumption of alcohol or liquor, etc.

In short, memorization of the Holy Quran was given more importance and emphasis in early religion Islam as this was the only trustworthy and protected way to preserve Holy Quran given the conditions of that time. The reason behind this is that the number of people was illiterate and there were very limited people who could read or write in those days.

Therefore, in that situation, if the procedure of writing was taken to be sufficient it would not have been possible to spread the Holy Quran on large scale nor to preserve and protect it reliably. In its place,ALLAH Almighty had blessed the people of Arab with a great memory of such dimensions that many poetic lines would easily rest in the memory of Arab peoples after another. Therefore, this power of memorization was well utilized for the preservation and protection of the Holy Quran and it was done through the chapters and verses of the Holy Quran reached all over in to the different corners of Saudi Arabia. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Umrah Packages 2017 from UK.





makkahIn its present shape, the Umrah dates from the lifetime of  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is the composite of several pre-Islamic ceremonies that ere reinterpreted in the monotheistic time and supplemented by prayers of the Muslims. Umrah is the lesser or minor pilgrimage of those who are entering in the city Makkah with the intention (niyyat) to visit the Bait-ALLAH. It is also commendable, though not obligatory, for Muslims residing in city Makkah. Its comparison to the obligatory and major pilgrimage (hajj) in Islam, and made several fusion of the 2 natures, still the pilgrim has the option to perform the Umrah independently, or in group with Hajj.

As in the Hajj, the Umrah start with, by getting the state of Ihraam which is condition ritual purity. Then, following a official declaration, which is Niyyah (intention) for the Umrah, and then on entering in the city Makkah, circling the Holy Kaaba seven times. The pilgrim kiss or touch the black stone (Hajr-e-Aswad) placed in a corner of the Holy Kaaba, as this is a holy stone and even the starting site of the Tawaaf-e-Kaaba. After praying behind the station of Ibraheem (Maqam-e-Ibraheem), the pilgrim has to drink as much water Zamzam, as to his fill, and kiss or touch the black stone again.

The Saaee, running 7 times between Safa and the Marwah, and in the end the ritual of shaving of the head hairs completes the Umrah of the Pilgrim. The pilgrim, went with the intention (niyyah) of Umrah, is only unable to come back without registering his or her attendance at the Masjid-e-Nabwi. The visit to the Masjid-e-Nabwi in the holy Mosque Madinah, is well-known as the Ziyarat. The Ziyarat also includes the visit to the other blessed places in the city Makkah and the Madinah. In city Makkah: the Jannat-ul-Mualla, Jabl-e-Noor, Masjid-e-Kahf, masjid-e-Ayesha, Jable-e-Rahmat, Mina, Muzdallifah and Arafat, while, the Masjid-e-Nabwi, the Masjid-e-Quba, the Jannat-ul-Baqee, the Jummah Masjid, Abu Baqar Masjid, Masjid-e-Ghammama, plan of site of Badar and the Jabl-e-Uhud are several of the places include in the Ziyarat-e-Muqadisa in Madina.

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