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Have you ever asked yourself what is the reliable time for making the sacred journey? Most probably, holidays are the best time and Easter is the season of school holidays. We specifically design all the package, while reading our client’s mind. Defiantly, you never want to miss a chance for making your religious obligations.

We are here to lead you at the best service. When you consider our Easter Umrah package you will visit not only holy sites as well as the most famous sites of Mecca and Medina.  You have the option to connect through email or helpline service. Additionally, we have no issue to get your information verbally. So don’t hesitate to book your Cheap Easter 2019 Umrah Deals today. We believe on first come and first service.


February Umrah Packages From CheapUmrahPackages.Org

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Umrah is the second holy and significant worship for the Muslims. They can perform Umrah any time in the year, but except in specific months. And we know that Muslims also have the passion to visit the Holy place and perform their ritual in the best possible way. Umrah is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and the admiring prayer which provides legal satisfaction and composure. The spiritual ritual will uplift the mysticism of the performer, but you must keep the climate factor of the Holy city in your mind. However, climate will play an important role in performing your holy ritual comfortably and peacefully.

Why Perform Umrah In February?

The residents in the UK will enjoy their half-term holidays in February and they consider the best month to perform Umrah. The different travel agencies in the UK offer special packages in February and they take care of every detailed part of your tour to Makkah. In February, during your stay in the Holy City, you can discover the beauty of holy places. The travel companies are determined to help you during the journey that enables you to prepare or plan your preeminent visit in the best way.

This is the big advantage to the inhabitants of the UK to perform Umrah as it is one of the coolest months in Saudi Arabia. The citizens of the UK increased adjustment level with the climate as the Pilgrims can perform their ritual comfortably. And the Muslims of UK, enjoying mid breaks from schools and families plan to set their journey towards Mecca. However, you can avail the best and exclusive Umrah services and fulfill your requirements to visit the Holy City.

Select Special Deals For February Umrah Packages

If you are planning your trip to Makkah in February when the climate is chilly, then you can avail different Umrah packages with modern facilities. However, you can enjoy the leisure time while performing the holy ritual and you are welcomed with exceptional Umrah services. And you will get the luxury accommodation, healthy cuisine, and helpful transportation during your Umrah. The Umrah packages of different travel industries provide a productive journey with elite services with multiple side tours. And Muslims will enjoy their holy ritual by touching the walls of Kaaba and reconnect with Allah while purifying their souls. In February, you have the best experience of their life with paramount and lucrative amenities.

Facilities In The Masjid Al-Haram

The Government of Saudi Arabia has renovated the Masjid Al-Haram to facilitate and accommodate more pilgrims than before. The holy abode of Allah has filled with lots of pilgrims and devotees as they have a purpose of praying and supplicate a lot during their holy trip. And now, pilgrims can perform their ritual in favorable condition as the weather of Saudi Arabia will be a bit cold. So you must set your travel in the mild season of February and enjoy your holy trip with your family. But you must get the Umrah services of a trusted and famous travel agency in the UK and get economical February 2019 Umrah Deals.

Why A Muslim Wanted To Make Umrah Once In Their Life?

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Every Muslim wants to make Umrah without hesitation. Different merits of Umrah shows the importance of their ritual, and most of us didn’t know about their obligation. The first revelation came from the cave of Hira. Make it considerable, while remembering the Umrah rules.

Our holy Prophet (SAW) said in a hadith: “Umrah is the expiation for the sins until the second Umrah is performed. Through this, it came to know Islamic ritual is the reason for removing sins. It’s like an excellent opportunity for Muslims to clean their heart. Keep in mind, that you have to remember the Umrah duas throughout the journey.

Why Does A Muslim Want To Make Umrah?

How long Umrah performed? It depends on your Umrah package you can fulfill the religious rituals in one day or seven days. Probably, Umrah has many benefits; it’s a specific way to represent our lives uniquely. There are many things that you wanted to perform, but you can’t succeed. Planning your journey toward Saudi Arabia is one of the best feelings.

Before going, you tell your friends and family in a happy tone that soon you are visiting the Holly city. In Saudi Arabia, there are some places where the prayers are mostly accepted. In Mecca, Masjid al-Haram is the place where you pray anytime on the other hand, in Median, Masjid-e-Nabwi is the place that is open for Muslim with no specified time.

You can quickly go to these places for frequently visits at any time. Primarily, you can experience the convenience and happiness of making Umrah in the short time

Here Are Some Specific Benefits Are Given Below:

  1. To win God’s pleasure
  2. For the acceptance of prayers in places where our beloved prophet (PBUH) prayed
  3. To open up a new page in your life
  4. Visit the sacred sites of Mecca and Medina
  5. To see where the first Revelation came
  6. To view the house where the Prophet (PBUH) was born
  7. To look at the mountains where the eyes of the Prophet (SAW) touched, to see the stones that hide his aroma.
  8. Observe the path of Islam in a unique way
  9. To sit at the Uhud Mountain and imagine the Battle of Uhud
  10. To make a compelling promise to Allah
  11. To ask for Allah’s help not to make the previous mistakes again
  12. To escape from hell and to enter in heaven

While keeping these benefits in mind, most of us are dying to perform Umrah. If you are physically or financially string than don’t waste your time and plan today. There are different rituals for woman Umrah. So must consider these before you pack your bag. So book your Umrah Package Deals 2019 from Cheapumrahpackages.org.

Few Of The Blessed Islamic Food Items:

Few Of The Blessed Islamic Food Items.jpg

If ALLAH Almighty has given us such a significant number of good nourishment, for what reason are such huge numbers of individuals are starving and a lot all the more experiencing unhealthiness and diseases? The appropriate response may lie in our numbness of the plenitude that has been sent to us by ALLAH Almighty.

We have been honoured with many “blessed occurrence sustenance and food items” that furnish us with extraordinary measures of concentrated nourishment and mending and are additionally reasonable.

Truth be told, most super sustenance are promptly found in nature and require negligible planting or reaping. The absolute most promptly accessible are honey bee dust, spirulina (green growth), kelp, illustrious jam, nectar, wheat grass, flax seeds, and horse feed and different sprouts. Among herbs that have been taken as sustenance, nourishment is marshmallow root, utilized by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks in the midst of starvation.

These “wonder sustenance” are promptly accessible wellsprings of nourishment for nations that are tormented by starvation and hunger, and they can be utilized to give a healthful lift to individuals who have satisfactory nourishment, are fasting, or are experiencing a perpetual disease. Many, for example, honeybee dust and green growth, are utilized crosswise over species lines so we are not designing the possibility of super nourishments – we are just rediscovering them.

It is best to devour super sustenance consistently, to self-collect them, or to get them from a legitimate source that does not change them by separating substances from them or adding to them (e.g., by making them into a wellbeing drink with fructose and different added substances). Coming up next is a rundown of some “supernatural occurrence nourishments”:

* Spirulina (Blue Green Algae): Blue Green Algae is the unrivalled type of spirulina; be that as it may, they are both basically a similar thing – green growth that makes due in hot bright atmospheres and is thought by numerous individuals to be the answer for world yearning. Green growth creates twenty fold the amount of protein as soybeans.

* Kelp: Kelp is another sort of ocean growth and can be eaten crude, cooked, entire or cleaved. It comes as a fluid, powder or dried. Utilized as a salt substitute to give iodine and in addition sodium, it contains numerous minerals and nutrients in think, particularly B nutrients. It is helpful to cerebrum tissue, tangible nerves, the skin, nails, and veins.

* Nectar: Comprised of 35% protein and containing half of all the amino acids the body needs, nectar additionally has numerous other fundamental supplements, for example, B-complex and nutrients C, D and E.

* Honeybee Pollen: The powder delivered by the anthers of blossoms and gathered by honey bees, honey bee dust contains 15% protein, B-complex nutrients, nutrient C, amino acids, fundamental unsaturated fats, catalysts, carotene, calcium, copper, press, magnesium, potassium, and plant sterols. It has an enemy of microbial impact on the body and fortifies the safe framework.

Umrah is a sacred journey to Makkah and not mandatory in Islam religion but Umrah is very important in the life of Muslims. With an aim to provide the pilgrims with the best and complete Umrah services, we now offer our customers reasonable and affordable February Umrah Deals. So you don’t miss a chance and visit us to get the deals.

Historical Significance And Salient Facts Of Ghar-E-Hira

Historical Significance And Salient Facts Of Ghar-E-Hira

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) travel most of the time out of the country as a merchant. At his lifetime, he (PBUH) work so harder as a shepherd. It is the main reason for meditation toward Mecca. The history of Ghar-e-Hira is most probably connected with our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

When he (PBUH) reached at the age of 40, the process of telecommunication started over. One night when he (PBUH) was sitting in the cave of Hira and continuously thinking. At that point, Hazrat Jibrail came to Holy Prophet (PBUH) and give a piece of silk brocade, in which some words are written. After giving it to the Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Jibrail suddenly said: “Read, Read in the name of Allah.” The return words are I couldn’t read.  After that Hazrat Jibrail said to repeat the following words such as


The above is the “Surah Iqra” in Quran. It was the first words of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). However, these are so effective that he (PBUH) turn to pale as well as trembling. After this incident, he (PBUH) suddenly stands up and instantly run to his wife (Hazrat Khadija R.A), just for telling the whole story.

Hazrat Khadija R.A, listen to the whole story, after that she gives comfort and smoothly realized that he is the last prophet of Allah, and these things are happening in future also. After that, she went to her cousin (Waraqa bin Naufal) for getting the opinion, because he was Hanif and monotheist at their time. He listened to all the story and told that support Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

What Happens Further After Getting The Message?

Hazrat Gabriel, who is the messenger of Allah came to Prophet(PBUH) and transferred the message. After receiving the ALLAH message, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was deliver the messenger of Islam for the idolaters of Makkah. In their lifetime, non-Muslims are also the believer of our Prophet (PBUH).

For Islam, he (PBUH) want a specific place to being busy in all the process, so that the burden of prophethood also come and he will get a particular place to stay. For all this process, the cave of Hira is the specific place to stay. The most critical period passed in the cave of Hira. In this manner, the cave of Hira is famous in the history of Islam. Privately, the message of ALLAH conveyed the message that is close to their heart like friends and family. Just for creating a perfect world all the struggle is happening.

At the time of Hajj and Umrah, a large number of Muslims visited the Cave of Hira, to remember all the situations of the life of the messenger of Allah. The cave of Hira would be known as the title of Jabel-e-Noor.

Umrah is a sacred journey to Makkah and not mandatory in Islam religion but Umrah is very important in the life of Muslims. With an aim to provide the pilgrims with the best and complete Umrah services, we now offer our customers reasonable and Cheap Umrah Deals UK. So you don’t miss a chance and visit us to get the deals.




Spiritual Benefits of Salah

Spiritual Benefits of Salah

In this era every single person is indulging in any worldly activity like earning money, making lifestyle better, studying, eating, sleeping, and meeting etc. Naturally, in the busy schedule of this world we forget to worship

ALLAH Almighty. When we do not worship, this worldly life and its worries become the central part of the human life. Our Wishes run wild and we lost in the lavishness of worldly luxuries and an individual begins to ‘chase his own shadow’, one thing he that he will never get. For many, cash becomes the only goal and purpose of life, a lot of you create money, a lot of you pay, a lot of you wish.
ALLAH Almighty has set times to interrupt frequently from the daily chores of life for many minutes and worship Him. Fajr Salah is performed within the early morning before we start our day, Zohar is performed within the middle of the day, within the late afternoon asr is performed, maghrib salah is offered within the evening, and at nighttime Isha prayer is performed.
Prayer or salah is the initial and most important pillar of religion Islam and performing it in congregation is highly advised for male, in congregation provides a way of knowing one another, friendship, and brotherhood. It additionally results in morality, piousness and it spreads a love for doing virtuous deeds.
When performing salah, Muslims stand shoulder to shoulder, this shows their strength and unity. Performing salah in Jama’ah additionally strengthens and ties the bond of brotherhood between Muslims.
Discipline and Control
The salah has the capability to turn modification for the higher in people’s life. the actual fact that we have a tendency to surrender no matter we have a tendency to do and line up behind a prayer leader (called imam) 5 times on a daily basis within the mosque, or notice area to wish in at work or college by ourselves, instils self-control and discipline in life.
Islam acknowledges that we have a tendency to all totally different, thus it permits flexibility. Muslim girls don’t seem to be needed to attend the prayers with the congregation in the mosque. A person who is disabled or not able to perform salah in any way might pray salah in sitting position, or even in laying position but skipping any salah is not allowed in Islam.

The purpose of the prayer isn’t just to fulfil the obligation but it is actually a life-changing act of worship which is performed five times on a daily basis. Salah is obligatory on every Muslim male and female and every Muslim must have to perform.

To fulfil the wishes of the pilgrims who want to perform Umrah Flightslink.co.uk is here to give them complete and best Umrah services from the United Kingdom. We now offer to our customer’s best and complete Easter Umrah Packages UK. So do not lose time and take advantage of this great opportunity to perform Umrah.

Zakaat, an Obligatory Charity

Zakaat, an Obligatory Charity

Zakaat is the charity in Islam and it is the pillar of Islam, paying charity (Zakaat) is obligatory on all able Muslims. An Arabic phrase Zakaat, this means “purification”. Zakat is the pillar of religion Islam and obligatory on stable Muslims who are enough sufficient to find the money for to it. Zakaat is basically the compulsory giving of a pre-set proportion of one’s wealth to charity. All eligible Muslims are required to pay the prescribed annual percent of the wealth as Zakat. Its importance can be realized from the fact that ALLAH Almighty made it as one of the most important of Islam.

Zakaat has great significance in Islam and its importance can be find out with this that it is combined with Salah in many verses of the Holy Quran. Zakaat is taken into consideration as obligatory charity and religious obligation for those who have received enough wealth from ALLAH Almighty to help those people who are less fortunate in society. The fundamental reason of making Zakaat a compulsory charity is to purify the hearts of Muslims from all sorts of greed, lust and selfishness. The compulsory and obligatory charity Zakaat ought to be paid on distinctive classes of assets wherein we have silver, gold, money, agricultural productions, livestock, and different enterprise commodities. Zakaat is payable every year in the month of Holy Ramadan.

Just like every day prayer (Salah), which is also the pillar of religion Islam and obligation to perform five times daily at prescribed timings, zaakat is an obligatory charity also worship and thanksgiving to ALLAH Almighty by helping those Muslims who are in need.

Zakaat reminds us that the entirety wealth we’ve got belongs only to ALLAH Almighty. Islam teaches that human beings ought to acquire wealth with the purpose of spending it on their very own desires and the needs of others.

Aside from zakaat which glaringly and clearly is the obligatory charity in Islam, the Quran and Hadith additionally stress on giving voluntary charity Sadaqah, which is proposed for helping the poor and needy peoples of the society. In the Holy Quran ALLAH Almighty emphasizes on feeding and helping the hungry, clothing the bare, helping folks that are in dire need. The more one helps, the more he gets and it will allows the enhancement of one’s character and makes his money clean and purify.

In short, Zakaat develops the feel of purification from lust and greed, develops a movement of cash flow for the economy. It also encourages the people to expand a better Islamic society that lives in peace and concord. Additionally, as a Muslims we all must try to satisfy and fulfill our obligations and following the proper path of Islam! Ameen

To fulfil the wishes of the pilgrims who want to perform Umrah Flightslink.co.uk is here to give them complete and best Umrah services from United Kingdom. We now offer to our customer’s best and cheap Umrah Packages with Flights. So do not lose time and take advantage of this great opportunity to perform Umrah.